“Twin Productions Addresses Show Relocation”  On August 28, 2014 we read an article on confirming the sale of the White Rabbit. This was the first time we had heard of the sale. Neither the owners or prospective buyers had made any attempt to contact Twin. As a promoter with 20+ years of experience, the obligations and principal commitment […]


Please welcome Antemasque’s FIRST tour to San Antonio on Saturday, August 2 at The White Rabbit. Who is Antemasque you ask? “The Mars Volta are no more, but we may have the next best thing. The band’s frontman Cedric Bixler-Zavala, guitarist Omar Rodriguez-Lopez and onetime drummer Dave Elitch are teaming with Red Hot Chili Peppers […]

Updated Ticketing Outlets

Twin Productions is making ticketing in San Antonio EASIER to BUY with LOWER FEES! Please welcome Blackfly:Metamorphosis NEW store in the Pica Pica Plaza on SE Military! Current Twin Ticket Outlets Blackfly Metamorphosis in Ingram Park Mall • SATX 78238 210-921-1443 Blackfly Metamorphosis in Pica Pica Plaza • SATX 78214 910 SE Military Road 210-927-7422 […]