“Twin Productions Addresses Show Relocation”

 On August 28, 2014 we read an article on Mysa.com confirming the sale of the White Rabbit.

This was the first time we had heard of the sale.

Neither the owners or prospective buyers had made any attempt to contact Twin.

As a promoter with 20+ years of experience, the obligations and principal commitment are to the fans, bands, band management and their booking agencies.

Since no one informed the company of the status of the shows previously confirmed we decided to move the shows to other locations. Again, no one communicated or provided any assurance on the status of these shows, or even the status and use of the property in the future.

In order to protect the shows themselves, Twin is contractually obligated to deliver, we moved the shows to locations who guaranteed us availability on the various show dates.

Everyone at Twin is grateful for the many wonderful years of shows at the White Rabbit, and like everyone else in the public, look forward to seeing the outcome of one of San Antonio’s musical iconic establishments.

We wish the previous owners and prospective owners all the best in their future endeavors.